The Age of Greed and Grievance


In Sunday’s issue of The Boston Globe, writer Steve Almond discusses the lack of gratitude felt by Americans, especially the young. You can read the full text here:

My guess is this is not limited to Americans.
When did we become so spoiled and narcissistic? How sad is it to watch people resort to ever escalating stupidity to get attention in our ME, ME, ME world? Is the most exciting thing happening really Kim Kardashian’s big, naked butt? Butts are for pooping – when did they get to be so fascinating?

I write about this today as it is impossible to understand human psychology without understanding the social influences that surround us all. What is going on in your world, are you tired of the endless noise to be noticed? Are you a part of it? What part of you is crying out to be heard? How does all of this influence you and how you feel each day? Are we headed to becoming and idiocracy with more people participating in the feeding frenzy of Black Friday than bothered to vote in last month’s elections?

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