This website is intended to help you master your inner world and, thus, create a better outer one. It all starts with thoughts.

Make a commitment to your personal growth, understanding your psychology and emotions and come along on this journey.  How it evolves is up to you.

My work is dedicated to the removing the mystery behind the mind and the emotions that power it.  The mind does not exist in a vacuum, however, and no discussion would be complete without also addressing “the social sea” in which we all swim.

My personal belief is that our social structures, prejudices and beliefs cause much of the pain and grief that exist in the world. There is just too much pain – let’s open the dialogue and get comfortable with discussing our inner world then we can move onto better, more productive and meaningful lives.

I have an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from William James College and a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. I am a certified Kantor Behavioral Coach. I have trained with The Coaches Training Institute, InsideOut Coaching and Robbins Madanes Coaching.

I spent many years working in corporate HR coaching employees, managers, consultant and executives. I also provide coaching services to MBA students at Harvard Business School.

As in keeping with my introvert nature, I love gardening, nature, spirituality, family and friends, my two kitties, Winky (the Boss of me) and Meadow (Boss #2) and extroverts (in smallish doses)!

I hope that this website empowers you and enables you to better understand the opportunities and obstacles facing you and how to navigate them.  You are a gift to the world, my gift to you is helping you express that.

You may contact me at: contact@psych-hacker.com or at 617-669-5779 to explore personal or professional coaching. You can also visit my website at: GoodHarborCoaching.com.


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