Loving Yourself.

For most people, it always seems easier to “get” someone to love you than it is to contemplate the difficult concept of loving yourself.  After all, you know yourself from the inside out and have a complete catalogue of every error, mistake, humiliation, short-coming, defeat, loss etc.  You are not alright in your mind and you know that the right person is the missing piece to the puzzle and precisely what you need to make it all better.

This is how most of us think and we consider ourselves “lucky” to find someone who plugs those interior holes – at least for a while.  They keep us in a happy place, rewarded with distance from our wounds as long as this magical person is around.  Once they disappear either through breakup or death, we are left with our broken selves and the pain is worse than ever. 

Wouldn’t it be wise to spend some time looking inward and loving the creation you are?  You are unique and wonderful (we are all flawed) so embrace yourself fully.  Work to improve yourself and know that you are growing in wisdom and love each day.

Today, celebrate who you are, embrace yourself in a loving manner and begin changing your inner dialogue to one that is supportive for you.  You will be surprised at how this changes you.  Give it a try – let me know how it works.


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