Life’s a Beach!

Life's a Beach!

Wow! I need a brief respite today after yesterday’s heavy talk about guilt. It been a long time since I slipped my feet into the soft white sand of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, but on this early spring day, my heart is yearning for it. We were in GC shortly after a hurricane had destroyed a good chunk of the island, thus the super serene scene in this photo. What’s your favorite beach?

This one is a beauty, but the beach that stands out in my mind as perfect doesn’t really exist anymore. That would be Orient Beach in St. Martin. The first time I stepped onto Orient Beach’s breathtaking stretch of sand was in 1992. The beach in those days was glorious beach – undeveloped and nearly empty. Just a few years later, this beach would be full of people, hotels and lots of noise! Change is always happening! Though I love this beach still, my perfect spots are quieter. What kind of beach do you like? Noisy and Rowdy? Peaceful and serene?


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