The mind, the body and the spirit – the Holy Trinity

Perhaps there are not so many well kept secrets as this one – that all is linked between the mind, the body and the spirit – they are in fact, your holy trinity. Misalignment in any one of these results in problems, traumas, excessive fears and outright failure or underperformance.

Did you know that trauma can creating lasting changes in the brain? Trauma is often described as a failed overwhelming survival attempt. Trauma keeps our nervous system on constant watch or hypervigilence. Those changes in the brain have an odd way of pushing you to recreate the trauma scenario, perhaps as a way of hoping for a successful completion of our initial survival attempt. However, this is rarely successful. Too often, it reaffirms over and over again your sense of powerlessness.

Trauma freezes us in time – perhaps we still see the world though the eyes of a frightened child, or we relive an accident, the war, the terrifying emotional or physical instability at the hands of cruel, oblivious or otherwise traumatized parents. Trauma carries a generational legacy – one that can make identifiable changes to DNA and be passed on. This isn’t fiction, this is science. Are you in need of more psycho-education and/or coaching on trauma and its aftermath and legacy? Trauma can be completely or partially forgotten by the mind, but not the body resulting in fear, depression, anxiety, failed relationships and illness are but a few of the manifestations of unresolved trauma. Join in the conversation to learn and discuss more.